CrossFit Grandview
A tribute to a decade of CrossFit Grandview
See what our community has to say about how CrossFit Grandview has made an impact on their lives.

An outstanding facility with all the tools you need to achieve your fitness goals. More importantly, CrossFit Grandview offers a supportive community and knowledgeable coaches. The programming methodology is sound and scalable to any skill level, which makes it ideal for beginners or experienced athletes. My fitness level continues to improve even after multiple years of CrossFit.

Taylor M.

Having never been to a CrossFit gym in my life when I started at CrossFit Grandview, I was more than intimidated. But over the last 2 years, this gym has become my second home. My body has transformed with the help of the coaches and the excellent programming and their in-house nutrition coaching. Brandon and his team have cultivated a true community within this gym that is supportive, welcoming, challenging and inclusive to all. I’m in the best shape of my life and have also formed such great relationships—all thanks to CFGV. THIS PLACE IS THE BEST.

Jayme W.

My tightest community in Columbus. I enjoy coming everyday working out which I view as the best part of my day. Great programming. I have been doing L2 programming for a year and a half, which has improved my fitness and mental toughness a great deal. Love this place.

Anthony R.

Until I joined CrossFit Grandview, I had not been a member of a gym, stuck to any sort of workout plan, and was generally living unhealthy. Thanks to a friend, I joined CrossFit Grandview and couldn't be happier. The coaches and other members are so welcoming of new members. I've never felt looked down upon for not knowing how or not being able to do a movement or lift. It's a great community all-around!

Rob S.

I have been a member at CFGV for 5 years now. I really love this gym! Great coaching and programming. Whether you are new to CrossFit or just dropping in, the staff and members will make you feel right at home!

Richard P.

CrossFit Grandview has been the best gym I've been to in the Columbus area. Outstanding coaches, an awesome, open environment and an unstoppable community. This gym helps facilitate a well-rounded athlete from providing in-house individual nutrition counseling from certified professionals, one-on-one instruction, and seasonal special large-group activities in addition to 10 CrossFit classes every day. CrossFit Grandview is where you want to be!

Sara Z.

Grandview CrossFit is amazing because of the management team and the instructors. I learn something new in every class from the instructors. The warm ups prepare you for the WOD. The exercises are explained and tips are given. The convenience of classes every hour beginning at 5:30 am through 7:30 pm.

You can always grab a work out 24 x 7 at Grandview Barbell. It has everything you need plus new showers and lockers.

What makes it for me is the special instructions available for personal training. They can assist with diet through Body Biz. Kate is the best fitness and diet instructor I have ever met. She cares about her clients and pushes you beyond anything you think you could accomplish.

Grandview CrossFit is best workout fitness facility in central Ohio!!!!

Mike A.

I came to Columbus because I was recruited by the OSU fencing team. My goal was to make it to the NCAAs as an individual, but after a year of practicing 6+ hours every day, I was heartbroken to find out that the coaches would never give me an opportunity to compete and still didn't know my name. I've wanted to be a part of the CFGV community since coming to Columbus but didn't walk through the doors for 3 years because I was intimidated by everyones athleticism and the price. But since joining I regret not joining sooner.

The community in this box is beyond better and closer knit than that of my varsity team. The programming is incredible and I can see and feel myself progressing in the short time I've been here. The coaches all introduced themselves to me when I first came and they truly pay attention to every single athlete in class--If someone's position looks incorrect, it gets fixed. If a movement can be better performed, the coaches let that athlete know. I've tried working out by myself at global gyms, but this is next level. The workout of the day is always fun (and every third Thursday of the month is a partner workout!), but open space can also be utilized as an open gym (so long as it doesn't disrupt the main class, of course). It never gets boring here and I feel more confident in myself than I ever have.

If you're just visiting town and dropping in, the gym is always clean, its a large space with all of the CrossFit equipment, and there's a little shop with pre-workout drinks, snacks, and proteins shakes/powders.

I love this place so much and definitely recommend dropping in to anyone willing to try. It'll be the best decision of your life.

Alex A.

The best CrossFit gym in Columbus. If your goal is to become the best CrossFit athlete you are capable of then this is the CrossFit gym for you.

I've competed in sports all my life, primarily in swimming which I had the fortune of training with the best swimmers and coaches in the world. The corollaries to my success were derived from the training environment, and more specifically the coaches, programming, and athletes surrounding me. CrossFit Grandview in many ways reminds me of the Olympic programs I trained under, with its well defined and objective oriented training. Brandon, the owner, structures the programming to develop athletes over months, instead of a week or a few days. There is even a specific training group for the top tier athletes designed to prepare them for competitions and the CrossFit games. Combine the programming with very knowledgeable coaches (regional & games athletes themselves), and the caliber of athletes you compete with and it becomes apparent very quick why this is the best CrossFit gym in Columbus.

Ryan M.