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Our Level #2 CrossFit Games Training differs from our daily All Levels training. The workouts in our All Levels CrossFit training is based on the model of constantly varied, functional, movement performed at high intensity. This training allows our athletes to increase their work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Our All-level training has yielded incredible results and has been the base that all of our games competitors were built on!

Our Level #2 CrossFit Games programming is bias toward movements that are used more heavily in competition particularly Olympic Weightlifting, and technically challenging gymnastic movements such as muscle ups and handstand push-ups. Proficiency in these movements tend to be the limiting factor in most athletes ability to compete in the sport of CrossFit. The WOD’s in this program are also designed to reflect the intensity of competition. We designed this program to make our top athletes better CrossFitter’s. Athletes who participate in this program will be prepared for what they will encounter in the Open, Sanctional Qualifiers and the Games.

Workouts are programmed Monday- Friday and training is at noon and 5:30pm. Saturday and Sunday everyone trains together in the all-level workouts which are typically a benchmark on Saturday and a .com WOD on Sunday.

Games Performance

2010 Graham Holmberg CrossFit Games World Champion

2011 Individual Graham Holmberg 4th Place, Affiliate Cup Central East Regional 2nd, CrossFit Games 14th

2012 *Trifecta* Individual Graham Holmberg 10th Place, Individual Heather Welsh 22nd Place, Affiliate Cup Central East Regional 3rd place, CrossFit Games team 25th Place 2012

Only Affiliate to qualify a Male Individual, Female Individual and Team in the same year (2012)
2013 Individual Graham Holmberg 14th Place CrossFit Games, Affiliate Cup Central East 8th Place

2014 Male Individual Regional qualifier (Joey Tortora), Female Individual Regional Qualifier (Kyri Gold), Team Regional Qualifier, 2014 THE BIZ “Raise Your Game” Business of Year.

2015 Affiliate Cup Central Super Regional 5th Place, Affiliate Cup CrossFit Games 8th Place, Named one of The Top 50 Gym’s in America by Men’s Fitness Magazine

2016 Affiliate Cup Central Super Regional 8th Place

2017 Male Individual Central Super Regional Joey Tortora 11th place

2018 Male Individual Central Super Regional Joey Tortora 12th place, Affiliate Cup Central Super Regional 12th Place

2019 Joey Tortora as part of Central Beasts 1st Place Strength in Depth (CrossFit Games Qualifier), Team CrossFit Grandview Lowlands Throwdown (CrossFit Sanctional) 8th Place

The programming methodology is sound and scalable to any skill level, which makes it ideal for beginners or experienced athletes. My fitness level continues to improve even after multiple years of CrossFit.
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