Child Care

Child care guidelines and procedures

1. The childcare is available for kids ranging from 6 months-12 years old
2. The fee is $7.50 per hour with a one hour time limit for each class registration (Child care is included free when you have a dual CrossFit Grandview + Grandview Barbell membership!)
3. 10 children will be allowed to sign up for the childcare during each hour.
4. Parents wanting to stay for two hours will need to register two separate time slots for their children
5. Children should be registered the night before the next day and have a form on file including a picture of their child
6. Parents should arrive 10 minutes early to sign in their child in the daycare before class and will also need to sign their child out after class so that we can keep track of all children. Please do not drop off your child until 10 minutes before class starts.
7. No food shall be served to their children during their stay to avoid choking hazards.
8. Any child with a temperature or symptoms of illness should not enter the childcare.
9. Please bring your child directly to the childcare room before starting your workout.
10. Please pick up your child no later than 10 minutes after class ends.
11. Children are not allowed in the gym workout area before, after, or during class.
12. Children will be released ONLY to the person who dropped them off unless another person has been designated by the parent or guardian.
13. Please bring your child freshly diapered. Diapers will NOT be changed by the childcare staff. If your child does need his/her diaper changed, then the childcare staff will ask you to leave the class to change your child.
14. Please label all your child’s belongings with his/her name.
15. The childcare room will provide age-appropriate toys. For safety and hygienic reasons, we ask that you refrain from bringing in your child’s own personal toys.
16. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. In these circumstances, parents will be notified immediately.
17. If a child is inconsolable, parents will be notified and asked to return to the childcare room to assist the staff.
18. If a child needs to use the bathroom, parents will be notified and asked to accompany the child to the bathroom and return the child to the childcare room
before returning to class.
19. Medications will not be administered by the childcare staff.
20. No food or drink is allowed in the childcare room

Childcare Hours to Start:
Monday- Saturday
Sunday: closed
*demand will detect hours changing.