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Program Overview
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Eliminate pain with physical therapy at CFGV.

Do you want to work out pain free and finally recover from an injury? Do you need help improving your mobility or breaking through a training plateau? Whether you’re new to CrossFit or training for a spot at The Games, we’ll keep you training, pain free!

How does it work?
1.) Book your physical therapy appointment at CFGV with Dr. Mandi using the link below.
2.) Meet with Dr. Mandi to get a personalized treatment plan to improve your mobility, fix
your pain, recover from injury, and reach your goals!

Depending on your specific needs and goals, your physical therapy appointments can include:
● Video lifting, movement, or running analysis
● Dry needling
● Joint and soft tissue manipulation, mobilization, massage or stretching
● Corrective exercises
● WOD modifications, accessory programming

Book your appointment today with Dr. Mandi to get pain free and reach your goals!

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The coaches and other members are so welcoming of new members. I've never felt looked down upon for not knowing how or not being able to do a movement or lift. It's a great community all-around!
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