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Private 24-Hour Gym + Small Group Classes

Incredible small group training + private 24-hour access gym

Whether you’re looking to dramatically improve your strength in our Power Hour programs or increase your conditioning with REV, we’ve got you covered.

Our gym is also available to members 24/7. Loaded with Rogue Barbells, Dumbbells, Power Racks, C2 rowers, C2 Bikes, high-end performance treadmills powered and self-propelled, pull-up bars, TRX, Heavy bag, and speed bag! Grandview Barbell also features private showers and changing rooms and towel service. If you’re an athlete, or just someone who is serious about training Grandview Barbell fits the need for busy people who want their own private gym and not have to wait in line to use the equipment.

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About Schedule
The programming methodology is sound and scalable to any skill level, which makes it ideal for beginners or experienced athletes. My fitness level continues to improve even after multiple years of CrossFit.
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