Personal Training

Skill Sessions and Personal Training

“You pick the movement, you pick the coach, we take care of the rest”

CrossFit training opens up an ocean of new skills and movements. Some come easy, some feel like you’ll never get down. In group training classes certain movements only come up so often and you may only have a short time with your coach one on one during that class. That’s where our skill sessions come in!

These thirty or sixty minute sessions are designed to move the needle toward the mastery of those challenging movements. ( common examples are kipping pull-ups, toes to bar, snatch, clean and jerks, rope climbs, and muscle-ups). During each skill session you will take rep after rep under the close watch of your expert coach. Your coach will shoot video, dissect your movement with you and send it home with you to study. You will learn progressions, strength work and other techniques to practice between sessions to bring you closer to you goal.

If your looking to add new skills to your CrossFit Game these skill sessions are the way to go.


Skill Sessions (30 Min)

40.00 (discounts for training in pairs or groups of three)

  • Includes video analysis 

  • Skill progressions

  • Homework

1- Personal Training Session (60 minutes)

70.00 (discounts for training in pairs or groups of three)

(Skill session + workout)

  • Includes video analysis 

  • Skill progressions

  • Homework

  • Metcon tailored and made specifically for you

  • Optional trainer led stretch and cool down

Our Trainers

Dan- (CrossFit Level 2) (Mornings and Early Afternoons) Gymnastics and Bodybuilding

Andy-(CrossFit Level 3) (Late Morning/ Afternoons) Olympic Weightlifting lifting + Gymnastics

Brandon-(CrossFit Level 3) (Late Morning Afternoons) Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting 

Ally- (CrossFit Level 2)(Morning and Afternoons) Gymnastics + General CrossFit skill

Scott- (CrossFit Level 2)(Morning and Afternoons) Competitive CrossFit  + Powerlifting + Bodybuilding

Arlie-(CrossFit Level 2) (Mornings and Early Afternoons) Powerlifting + General Crossfit Skill

Aaron- (Conjugate Methods Certified)(Morning and Afternoons) Powerlifting 

Jordan- (CrossFit Level 1 + Yoga Certified)(Afternoons and Evenings) General CrossFit skills + Mobility

Ariel-(CrossFit Level 2) (Mornings and Afternoons) Conditioning, Womens Fitness, Kids and Teen Girls 

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