CFGV 4-Day Olympic Weightlifting Program

This comprehensive program is designed for athletes who want to focus on Olympic Weightlifting, as well as building relative and positional strength.

The Program

Designed and coached by Andy Ekelberry, this program will allow all levels of athletes to progress steadily and set new PRs on their snatch and clean & jerk.

This Program is the official program of the CrossFit Grandview Weightlifting club. Each cycle runs in 6-week blocks and the third workout of every week is CrossFit Grandview’s 6:30 pm Olympic weightlifting class on Thursdays. 

Athletes subscribed to this program can schedule one on one skill sessions with coach Andy to help with technical sticking points. Athletes subscribed to this program will also be offered a discount on access to Grandview Barbell.



Per 6-week training cycle

Email coach Andy here to be added to the programming and sent your link to your Fitbot account!

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