Individual Design - AKA “CFGV I.D.”

Who is this for?

CFGV I.D. (individual design) is for athletes who have highly specialized goals or prefer to train independently and check in with a coach. The program can be tailored to supplement group training classes or we can write a standalone program specifically for you. 


Once we get your request for your online programming you will meet with your coach for a consultation. Coaches can be requested or assigned based on what you’re looking for.  During our initial meeting, we will discuss your training goals, injury limitations, and any obstacles you’ve encountered in the past. From there, your coach will write you an individualized training program based on the information gathered in the meeting.


Your coach will consistently reassess where you are in your fitness journey and make sure you are tracking toward the goals we have laid out.  We will continue to look at your movement, your recovery, and your readiness to train to ensure that there minimal setbacks and plateaus on our way! Live in person skill sessions can easily be scheduled to help break through technical sticking points as well.


This isn’t a templated program. You will have a program that meets you where you are and progresses you forward each step of the way. CFGV I.D. is a program made to fit your life and goals. This athlete specific training will keep you progressing and tracking toward your specific goals.


You’ll receive your program daily through a state of the art platform that connects right to your phone. There you’ll see your program, post your results and comments for your coach to see and comment on. You will have the ability to send your coach videos of your training so they can dissect movement and pacing, and you can receive feedback from your coach so that you constantly improve all areas of your fitness. Fitbot will keep your training organized and at your fingertips!


Added Benefits include Discounts on Grandview Barbell access and Grandview Barbell only members can gain access to equipment and select open gym times at CFGV. sfksdf

150.00 per month

Complete individualized plan of 4-6 days a week of training

125.00 per month

A three-month minimum commitment.

35.00 per day of week

Al carte supplemental training – Example 2x per week of individualized supplemental strength training on top of group classes= 70.00 per month

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