How to Start

Do you want to sit down and discuss your training goals with one of our expert trainers? Contact us here for a free consultation if you need help choosing which training services we offer is the best fit for you and your goals!

Option #1 - Elements

In order to begin attending our group classes, new members must take our 3 class elements course.

These are introductory CrossFit classes and run in a series on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 7:30am, 11:00am, or 7:30pm. 

– Each cycle starts on Monday and it is only 10.00 to reserve your class!

  • Class size is limited to 5 people per session! If the available time is sold out you may reserve for the following week or if you cannot attend any of the elements times you can set up a personal training session to get started.
  • You do not have to reserve your 2nd and 3rd elements classes and may mix and match the times to fit your schedule once you have taken the first class! You are required to a commitment to training to attend elements 2 and 3 classes. 
  • Click on the Box with the time and date you would like to reserve!

Online Waiver

Option #2 - Personal Training

Option #2 Personal Training

The best option to set you up for long term success and ease you into the group training environment!

This is great for clients who:

  • Who do not have a previous background in CrossFit or similar training. 

  • Have a busy schedule and cannot make our regularly scheduled elements classes. 

  • Would like the focused and undivided attention of one of our world-class coaches for 5 or more sessions before training in the group classes.

Please Contact Us to set-up your personal training elements session.

Option #3 - Experienced CrossFitter

If you are an experienced CrossFitter (i.e 6+ months spent at an Affiliate) you may bypass our elements course. Simply drop us a line using the form at the bottom of the page or drop-in to a class and we can get you set up with a membership.