Andy Ekleberry

Andy played high school level football and after graduating high school started training for Air Force Special Operations(AFSOC). He passed all of the requirements for AFSOC and was accepted into the military. In early 2006 on the first day of AFSOC training he was shown a video of Nicole Carol and Annie Sakamoto doing “Nasty Girls” by the instructors and was forever hooked on Crossfit. Shortly after Andy blew his back out during training and was no longer able to continue. After he had surgery to repair his back he was always led to believe that he was going to have back pain forever and could no longer do Crossfit until Kelly Starrett came out with Mobility WOD. Once Andy started cleaning up his movement he no longer needed to take meds and could train pain free, he decided to get a Crossfit Level 1 so he could help others either be injury free or rehab previous injuries.


Crossfit Level #1 2013
Crossfit Mobility 2012
Crossfit Endurance 2013
USAW Sports Performance Coach 2014
CrossFit Level 2 2015
CrossFit Competitor Course 2016
CrossFit Level #3 (CCFT) (2019)