Our Story

CrossFit Grandview formerly known as Rogue Gahanna was founded by Brandon Couden and Graham Holmberg in December of 2009. Leading up to that point Rogue Fitness aka CrossFit Columbus had operated as a CrossFit Affiliate and training facility starting in 2006. During that same time period Brandon and Graham had both been working as personal trainers at SportFit in New Albany (now affiliated as CrossFit New Albany) and had began diving deeper into CrossFit Training with their clients and personally to achieve their athletic goals. In 2009 Rogue had began to expand their business beyond training into the sale and manufacturing of equipment. Rogue needed to move their headquarters to a larger more centralized location, which lead to an opportunity for Brandon and Graham to take over the Original Rogue Fitness Gym in December of 2009.



Building off the success of Caity Matter Henniger’s victory in the 2008 CrossFit Games, the next three years would see Rogue Gahanna go onto to establish itself as one of the top performing affiliates in the CrossFit Games.

Trophy Case

2010 Graham Holmberg Crossfit Games World Champion

2011 Individual Graham Holmberg 4th Place,  Affiliate Cup Central East Regional 2nd, CrossFit Games 14th

2012 *Trifecta* Individual Graham Holmberg 10th Place, Individual Heather Welsh 22nd Place, Affiliate Cup Central East Regional 3rd place, CrossFit Games team 25th Place 2012 Only Affiliate to qualify a Male Individual, Female Individual and Team in the same year

2013 Individual Graham Holmberg 14th Place CrossFit Games

2014 Male Individual Regional qualifier (Joey Tortora), Female Individual Regional Qualifier (Kyri Gold), Team Regional Qualifier,  2014 THE BIZ “Raise Your Game” Business of Year.

2015 Affiliate Cup Central Super Regional 5th Place, Affiliate Cup CrossFit Games 8th Place, Named one of The Top 50 Gym’s in America by Men’s Fitness Magazine

In 2012 Rogue Gahanna moved to Grandview and was renamed and rebranded as CrossFit Grandview. The move transformed the Affiliate from a destination location to a community gym with an edge! During this time CrossFit Grandview also became an innovator in the affiliate community establishing best business practices that can be felt outside our walls all over the community. We started thinking outside the box with open gym time, competition programming and being one of the first 10 gyms to utilize online tracking with Wodify. The rest of the Affiliate community soon followed.

In 2014 we pushed the envelope further! First offering an in house nutritionist and personal trainer Kate Lonsinger for those who need dialed in nutritional advice and exercise plans tailored to their specific goals. In the Spring of 2014 we opened the Athletes’ Corner a store open to the public providing supplements, food and clothing specifically for CrossFitters and serous athletes. Then September 20th we unveiled one of our most ambitious projects ever, a second location a mile away Grandview Barbell! A 24 hour key fob access facility full of competition weight, jerk blocks, Assault bikes, True Form Runner Treadmills That also offers specialized small group classes leaving our athletes never gym-less!

As a member you can expect CrossFit Grandview to be the best hour of your day! You can fully customize our training options to suit your specific goals. We have multiple tracks of programming, full time professional salaried staff, top notch equipment and the support to help you be the best you can possibly be. We also have one of the best communities in the game, frequently host challenges and have fully catered parties for all our members! I hope you make CrossFit Grandview your choice for CrossFit!

Graham Holmberg was a co-founder of Crossfit Gahanna ( Rogue Gahanna) in 2009. In 2013 he left CrossFit Grandview to open his own Affiliate.

-Founder and Owner Brandon Couden