March 9, 2019


As Many Rounds As Possible In 18 Minutes

18/15 Calorie Row 
15 Wallballs (20/14)
12 Kettlebell swings 53/35
9 Toes to Bar



Check Out Aaron from our Power Hour classes at our sister gym Grandview Barbell! This group training program produces high level strength results. Power Hour athletes now hold several state power lifting records and are targeting national ones in 2019! The class is scalable to all levels of fitness as well! Contact us to check this amazing class out if you wanna take your strength game to the next level!


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NO MATTER YOUR AGE, it is up to you to have fun, work hard and if you want, compete in fitness. First 2 videos are me still working to crush my goal of masters national records. I worked bow bar back squats until hitting 460 +12 chains. Then did 3 sets of 8 stiff legged deadlifts (miss counted here and got 9🤪) at 405. Finished with inverse curls, rev hypers and banded leg curls. I’ve broken my lower weekly work to the conjugate ME lower and dynamic lower adding a day of focused glute work after reading @bretcontreras1 books. I am convinced his 2 vertical exercises, 2 horizontal and 1 later exercises will accelerate my training. On week 3 of that. I’ll let you know how it goes. The last videos are from my friend @clairedropp. This is her great uncle competing in track and field at 94. This is so much more impressive to me than anything I have ever done or anything I saw at the @arnoldsports festival. The older you get the more work it takes to stay healthy. U da man Mr. Droppelman!!!! #seniorpictures #atanyage #seniorolympics #gluteworkout #glutesworkout #glutelab #conjugatemethod #conjugate #crossfit #fitnessmotivation #fitness

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March 9, 2019